Jacqueline Lopez, CEO of Spiritual Safari Media, has a long history of putting on highly successful events. She knows from “in the trenches” hard work and experience what it takes to have a sold-out event that runs smoothly — where all stakeholders (attendees, speakers, sponsors and vendors etc.) remark how smoothly her events always run.

The following provides examples of the scope and variety of events she has, in many cases, single-handedly, organized, managed and continually sold out (all ticketed events).

Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty

Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty contacted our team with the intent of completely revamping their web presence to accurately represent their 50+ year reputation online, and to help them differentiate themselves in the increasingly competitive Bermuda real estate industry.
At the time, their website featured an outdated design and broken features that led to a choppy user experience, which was failing to properly engage and convert their website traffic into qualified leads for their business. Problems they faced:
Outdated website w/ broken features

  • Confusing website architecture
  • Lack of calls-to-action and engaging copy
  • Vague branding identity
  • Lack of differentiation from competitors

Sespe Creek Collective

Sespe Creek Collective was a medium size dispensary in California, situated in the heart of beautiful Ojai and close proximity to Ventura hit a plateau in attracting new customers to their retail store with print media, newsletter and, and guerrilla marketing tactics. Sespe Creek turned to Spiritual Safari Media to improve their online brand presence, nurture their current clients and drive new customers to both their retail store and delivery services. Spiritual Safari Media developed an ROI focused, results driven digital marketing to attract new customers through public relations redesign of their newsletter and community driven campaigns.

Santa Barbara Medical Cannabis Conference – 2018

In May 11th, 2019 Jacqueline also organized the first Santa Barbara Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo with ten speakers and multiple sponsors. CMCSB is the largest and most comprehensive Cannabis gathering on the central coast of California.

Plant Food and Medicine Conference – 2019

In 2018 Jacqueline organized the first Plant Food and Medicine Conference with eight speakers and multiple sponsors focusing on how plant-based foods can be both a source of nourishment and healing.

Santa Barbara Chapter of the American Wine Society – 2012

Upon moving to Santa Barbara in late 2010, Jacqueline was surprised to discover that there was no Santa Barbara chapter representing the American Wine Society, despite being in the heart of the Central Coast wine country. In addition to founding the Santa Barbara chapter, she organized high-end monthly meeting for the affluent local wine aficionados. These were ticketed events, almost always sold out, that included dinner at local restaurants that agreed to pair their food with the wine that was being showcased.

San Luis Obispo TEDx Chumash – 2010

San Luis Obispo, CA had never offered a TEDx event prior to Jacqueline seeing a need for this powerful platform to express new and innovative thinking and ideas for the community. The event, featuring multiple speakers, sponsors and vendors was completely sold-out to its maximum attendance capacity of 150 people at $50 – $60 each.

Central Coast Woman’s Network – 2005-2010

As a new resident of San Luis Obispo and entrepreneur, Jacqueline saw a need to serve a network of high-energy female business owners grow their business. She did this by providing a series of monthly ticketed events where she found the best speakers and venues to attract the local female entrepreneur community. She averaged 10 events per year and typically sold them out at $40 – $50 ticket. Several times a year she would include an expo as part of her events.