The last thing you want for your next live event are unexpected surprises. Excuses just won’t cut it if your intended event outcomes are not realized or your staff / management are stressed beyond max.

Here are just some of the advantages of using Spiritual Safari Media as your “no excuses” resource for your next live event:

Get It Done Mentality
It’s one thing to organize events for others and quite another organizing your own, consistently and successfully, over many years. In addition to serving clients, we organize our own profitable events on a regular basis. Nothing is more effective at honing event management skills than when your own bottom line is at risk.

Everything You Need
Depending upon the size and complexity of your live event you may need many disparate resources (i.e. event website, copy writing, design, social media, etc.) to successfully launch your event. We have all those resources, and many more, in-house and can typically get things done for a fraction of what it would cost to hire all these different skill sets. And, because we are a digitally connected virtual organization, you don’t pay for unnecessary overhead —just the resources your event requires.

The Big Picture
In addition to live event management, CEO Jacqueline Lopez and her Senior Project Manager Michael Russer are both professional speakers. This means they have seen all the ways live events can go wrong or are poorly executed from both sides of the platform.

The Latest Digital Event Management Tools
The days of using spreadsheets to manage live events is long gone. At Spiritual Safari Media we use proven, cutting-edge collaborative event management tools that keep each event on track and budget while your team stays informed 24/7. Mr. Russer’s technology background includes systems analysis and software development which helps our entire team stay current with the state-of-the-art in live event management.

Have Event, Will Travel
CEO Jacqueline Lopez is a native of Brazil and Paraguay, and speaks four languages fluently. She and her senior staff are all seasoned world travelers. This world-view perspective, with Ms. Lopez’s natural leadership, communications and negotiating abilities allows us to manage your live event no matter where it happens to be located.
This includes provisioning all the necessary local resources to ensure your event’s complete success.